Chilli Heat Megaways

Where to Play Chilli Heat Megaways

Boo Casino

100% / NZ$500


Spin Rio

100% / NZ$200



100% / NZ$1000


Game Information

  • Software big-time-gaming
  • Slot Types Pokies
  • RTP 96.50% (varies!)
  • Reels 6
  • paylines 200704
  • Min Bet 0.20
  • Max Bet 125
  • Max Win 4000
  • Jackpot

Pragmatic Play has been in the gaming industry for years. So it’s no wonder the company’s history contains several successful slots games. Successful slot games always come with sequels, which is a great way to attract fans. Hundreds of slot games are released every year, and standing out is very important. As a result, Mexican slot Chilli Heat, which was released in 2018, continued its game sequence.


When Big Time Gaming developed the Megaways functionality for their Bonanza game, certainly no one knew how successful it would become. Today, BTG already sells its Megaways license to several different game companies. Bringing an old gaming brand back to life on Megaways is a popular and easy way to reuse old designs.


Chilli Heat Megaways brings the old and simple Chilli Heat to modern times, yet it still looks the same. You can still enjoy soft and warm Mexican-inspired music. Likewise, the patterns on the screen are even more hilarious to look at, whether it’s stylized card patterns inspired by bottle piñatas or tabasco, chihuahuas, tequila glasses, and thick mustaches playing the banjo. The sound effects are also amazing and familiar to players who enjoyed the first version of the game.


In the true spirit of Megaways, each round of Chilli Heat Megaways gets to tension the number of pattern places in addition to the pattern places. The more patterns the lines can hold, the more simultaneous ways to win at any given time. In addition to the six reels, a conveyor belt with auxiliary patterns, familiar from many games of the same type, spins at the top of the game. Winning patterns are removed and replaced with new ones, as is well known in Gonzo’s Quest, for example.



The payback percentage in Chilli Heat Megaways varies depending on the casino. At its best, RTP rises as high as 96.50 percent, but at its worst, the game pays back only 94.57% of the bets made. Such differences are annoying for the player, as the Chilli Heat Megaways return percentage must be realized by visiting the instructions inside the slot.



The volatility of Chilli Heat Megaways represents high class. In other words, the winnings can be quite small at times, until then again a decent bomb falls somewhere. In any case, remember to play responsibly, as you are never known to know the whims of a lucky one!



Chilli Heat Megaways Free Spins

The Chilli Heat Megaways slot game does not have traditional free spins. A unique bonus mode can be found on both.



To qualify for the Chilli Heat Megaways bonus, a player must receive at least six money bag symbols on their reels. Sometimes symbols don’t appear anywhere, but sometimes they can appear in a stack of up to four at a time. The frequency of the bags can be increased with a bonus bet that pays 25% more on top of the bet.



Each wallet has a defined value for it, which is shown on the symbol. In the bonus mode, the left and right reels are locked and the player’s task is to try to get as many bags of cash and winnings as possible on their four middle reels during the twists. How easy this is depends, among other things, on how many pattern slots the reels had at the start of the bonus!



There will be three attempts to pick up bags of money at once, but it starts all over again whenever a single new pattern appears on the screen. In addition, the top bar conveyor belt is still in use for a number of extra functions. Below is a list of things that can hit the top bar:



  • The lock symbol unlocks one of the locked reels for bonus use.
  • The Collect symbol collects the values ​​of the sack rolls below into the pot.
  • The large collect symbol collects the values ​​of all the reel sacks in the pot.
  • The multiplier symbol multiplies the values ​​of the sack rolls by two, three, five, or ten.
  • A large multiplier symbol multiplies the values ​​of all roll sacks by two, three, five or ten
  • The split symbol divides the reel below into seven sections to allow for additional hits.


The more sacks and features a player hits, the easier the bonus is to win big money. If, on the other hand, the luck is picky from the start, the bonus could easily be short and the pot small!



Is it worth trying the Chilli Heat Megaways video slot game?

Chilli Heat Megaways is like a slot game worth trying out. Still, you should be careful not to try too hard if the game doesn’t seem to be winning.



When we play Chilli Heat Megaways for real money, we don’t receive any bonuses. When we tried it later, however, the luck was quite different and the game’s image clearly improved with the win bonus.


Pros and Cons

  • Fun Mexican atmosphere
  • Multiple bonuses wins at any time
  • When they do pay out, they pay out big
  • High variance can be risk for small budgets
  • The wallet bonus is frustrating if there are no hits