Ghost of Dead

Where to Play Ghost of Dead

Spin Rio

100% / NZ$200



100% up to NZ$1,000



100% / NZ$750


Game Information

  • Software playngo
  • Slot Types Pokies
  • RTP 84,22–96,21%
  • Reels 5
  • paylines 10
  • Min Bet 0.10
  • Max Bet 100
  • Max Win 10000
  • Jackpot

Our review of Ghost of Dead still remembers a time when the Book of the Dead was the only one of its kind among Play’n GO selections. Of course, it’s been quite a while since this online casino super favorite was launched in 2016. This slot has been not only popular with players, but also a common online casino game with free spins. Ghost of Dead, on the other hand, is naturally a sequel to the classic.



We can say that the Book of the Dead is not really genuine and original. In other words, it mimicked the old classic Book of Ra slot machine. With its fun Egyptian theme, it was copied from that previous 2004 release.



Now that these history lessons have been explained, we can finally move on to the Ghost of Dead slot game review. Play’n GO has released several sequels to The Book of the Dead in recent years, but this one is probably the most different and interesting of them so far, although at the same time very similar.



Let’s start with those similarities first!



Just like before, Ghost of Dead looks exactly the same on the surface as its predecessor. The game’s sound is almost identical, although new background music can still be found. There are also 10 typical paylines and there was no desire to eliminate the legendary book bonus and huge variation. Play’n GO has certainly endeavored to retain as many popular elements as possible to ensure the game series’ continued popularity.



The biggest new specialty of the basic game is the random Ghost Spin feature.



At any time at the start of the spin, a ghost of the dead can appear on the screen, giving the player the role of expansion symbol for a single spin. The ghost selects a symbol for the player, each occurrence of which changes to the height of the entire reel. Winnings are paid to the player at that point anywhere on the reels.



Betting on Ghost of Dead lets you choose freely. The minimum bet on 10 paylines is 10 cents, but when playing on a line, you can bet up to 1 cent. Obviously, this is a great way to take advantage of the last few cents left in your gaming account. At its maximum, Ghost of Dead allows a bet of up to €100.



The Ghost of Dead payback percentage varies by casino. In its weakest form, it may even be less than 90 percent, but the most commonly used version is 94.21% or 96.21%. In any case, we recommend favoring casinos where you can enjoy the highest possible returns. The game refund percentage is usually found in the game instructions or casino customer service.



Ghost of Dead Free Spins

We’ve already described how the so-called “book bonuses” in the context of Ghost Spin. Ghost of Dead flavors this formula with a few different properties.



There are two free spins in Ghost of Dead. The first of these can be accessed with at least three regular scatterers, while the second only opens in special cases. A kind of super version of the bonus only opens with rare spins where the game turns scatters into enhanced versions. With these spins, the urn found in the scatter symbol opens.



At the beginning of the Ghost of Dead free spins, the player has the option to choose from three randomly drawn game symbols to expand during the bonus. Earlier versions of the game did not have this feature, but the player is always drawn directly to the symbol. So now you can have a slight effect on the expected value of the free spins. If you choose a low-value symbol, you are a little more likely to win, but the most huge pots are out of the question.



In Enhanced Free Spins mode, in addition to a symbol of your choice, the player is randomly selected to expand another symbol on each spin. In that case, winning is theoretically about twice as likely!



Is it worth trying the Ghost of Dead video slot game?

Since its launch, Book of the Dead has been one of the most popular online slot games the country uses. We can guess how profitable it has been for the Play’n GO developer!



Ghost of the Dead is a valid sequel, but we still have the feeling that some other makeover should be in the game. For those who have been playing for a long time, the similarity of the audiovisual issue, in particular, is gradually starting to fail.



The most upbeat new feature is the random ghost spin that breaks up the normal Ghost of Dead gameplay pace. Free spins have been improved, on the other hand, but rarely come up, and even so massive wins are not to be impressed. For us, the super bonus only gave us a 28.4-time win, which was quite disappointing after a long journey.


Pros and Cons

  • Occasional ghost spins are a nice addition
  • You can choose your own expanding symbol
  • Superbonus boosts the excitement
  • Wins are often rare, even in free spins
  • The recovery rate varies widely between versions